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Stock Market Chart Course

Do you desire to learn the basics of Technical Analysis? You are not alone….  Many new retail traders and investors have entered the market during or after the Pandemic of 2020 without sufficient training and they buy stocks without sound reasoning.


Michael Pair

  • 4 chapters
  • 4 lessons

Course Details

Let me tell you...

Most new traders lose money
Most new traders have not received any training in the stock market
Buying stocks because someone recommend it is not a longterm winning strategy

The Solution?  Get some training…

My course… ‘Stock Market Charts Course' is a masterclass for beginners.  This course designed to provide you with the basics to Technical Analysis.

The course is divided into 3 Modules:

Module 1 : Charts and Candlesticks for Beginners
Module 2:  Introduction to
Module 3:  Introduction to Technical Analysis

The course content is presented as a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation for download. A narrated video of each module is included with the presentation.

After reading & applying the techniques in the course, you will be able to identify support and resistance for a stock.  Also, you will be able to determine if a stock is in an uptrend, downtrend, or sideways trend. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this course for?

This course for new investors and traders.  Also, it is for anyone interested in learning the basics of Technical Analysis.

Can I share this with others?

No.  Please respect the terms, and do not distribute this presentation or video with others.

Course content

  • $399 / one time